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Valerie Graham

Simple and stylish this stunning vase can be used to display flowers or as a stand alone piece. Pair with complimentary neutral colours for a calm sophisticated look or contrast with brights for a completely different feel. The elegant shape and beautiful texture allows this piece to be combined wit..
Ex Tax:£18.75
Tall and elegant this vase can be used to display flowers for as a stand alone décor piece. Perfect for adding interest to a shelf or table the deep blue colour looks especially striking when combined with pale neutral colours or when used to brighten up a dark corner...
Ex Tax:£22.92
This stylish vase can be used for displaying flowers or foliage or as a stand alone décor piece. Perfect for adding interest to a shelf or table, the pale colour compliments a wide range of colour schemes. Pair with other neutrals to create a calming, elegant look or contrast with darker black and w..
Ex Tax:£18.75
This sleek vase in beautiful shades of pale green and grey adds a stylish finishing touch to any shelf or widow sill. The angular design and asymmetric top make this a unique piece for displaying flowers or foliage...
Ex Tax:£12.08
Perfect for keeping your hands warm during the winter, these mugs make a stylish addition to your kitchen. Available in a range of beautiful muted shades they feature a reactive glaze which make each piece unique. A raw stoneware bottom further adds to their charm while the angular shape and high ha..
Ex Tax:£6.25
Hand painted, inspired by the ocean with an earthy organic feel. Featuring a blue and white ombre effect. These are lovely big mugs with a thick rim and sturdy handle. High Style: Blue at the bottomKing Style: Blue at the topPlease note, each mug may differ slightly as they are hand finish..
Ex Tax:£4.17
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