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Braemar Heritage Mattress

Braemar Heritage Mattress
Braemar Heritage Mattress
Braemar Heritage Mattress
Braemar Heritage Mattress
Braemar Heritage Mattress
Mattress Sizes
Single Width 90 x Length 190cm
Double Width 135 x Length 190cm
King Width 150 x Length 200cm
Super King Width 180 x Length 200cm

We understand buying a mattress can be a daunting experience, there are lots of gimmicks and promises made by different manufacturers.

We have trialled and tested several brands and settled on Relyon, a British company that has been producing high quality mattress' in Somerset since 1858.

Specifically, we recommend mattresses from their Heritage range because of their quality and use of natural materials. They are mattresses we can truly recommend.

The Braemar mattress is filled with layers of a hypo allergenic fibre, cotton, a cashmere/silk blend and lambswool. Overheating is one of the leading causes of a bad night’s sleep; natural materials aid temperature regulation, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Mattress' with a high proportion of foam will retain heat the body produces getting warmer and warmer.

The Braemar uses pocket springs manufactured by Relyon themselves using a specially developed steel alloy that includes Titanium for class leading strength, comfort and durability. Pocket springs are sewn into hard wearing calico fabric pockets and hand-nested and hand-centre tied for the ultimate support. The pocketed springs are arranged in a honeycomb pattern to produce a unit for the centre of the mattress. Linen cord is threaded through the springs to tie the springs and secure the nesting. The Braemar has 1400 springs in a king size mattress.

Another important feature is the "hand side stitching", The Braemar has two rows of hand side stitching. This ties the outside springs together forming a strong border around the outside of the mattress. This labour-intensive process vastly prolongs the life of your mattress, many mattress' feel great at first, but the true test of quality is how they feel after several years. The Braemar comes with an 8-year guarantee.

Turn and rotate your mattress once a week for the first three months and then once a month thereafter.

As a very general rule smaller lighter people are often suited to a softer spring while bigger, heavier people get on better with a firmer spring.

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